The Lighthouse for Grieving Children


Annual Service Report 2016


2016 has been an exciting year of growth and change for the Lighthouse for Grieving Children. Our move in late November to our new home at 2522 Rebecca Street has allowed us to accommodate all our support groups under one roof and will enable us to meet the continued demand we foresee in 2017.

Although, for most of 2016, our support groups ran from 82 Wilson Street and our off-site location at the Kerr St. Mission, we still grew further: support group participants increased by 14% and new participant intakes increased by 19%. This growth was supported by a part-time Support Group Leader for 8 hours per week, as well as increased volunteer resources. With such reinforcement, we were able to provide a concurrent facilitated Parent/Caregiver support group for each Children’s and Teen Group, a specialized Suicide Loss Children’s group, with concurrent facilitated Parent/Caregiver support group, and an afternoon Children’s Group with parent support group. This means that all family members who attend the Lighthouse can look after their own needs in different groups.

Outside our 4 walls Lighthouse grew too: we are a resource to the community providing telephone support, consultations, education and training to individuals, the school community, health care professionals and community agency professionals who contact us to better understand death, dying, and the needs of the bereaved. These consultations and educational presentations were requested by 425 individuals from many communities in Halton, Peel and beyond.

After much careful planning, the transition of our Lighthouse families from Wilson Street to our new home, went without a hitch. Groups settled quickly and families feel comfortable and cared for. Our new home radiates warmth and care, increasing the sense of community and enhanced group experiences for our families. This is especially true for our teen participants who have “returned home” after several years in temporary meeting spaces.

A Lighthouse mom walking into our new home for the first time was in tears, saying “I am so touched that there are people out in the community who made this home possible and they do not even know us. I feel loved.” This is so true, hence our tag line: #LHyouarenotalone.

Participant and Support Group Statistics - 2016

Support Group Participants:

Total participants served in support groups:
Total number of support groups:

Figure 1.1 Individuals In Support of Groups By Type of Participants Per Year

Figure 1.2 Support Group Participants Based On Location For 2016

Figure 1.3 Support Group Participant Referral Source Based On Participants for 2016

Figure 1.4 Cause Of Death Based On Support Group Participants For 2016

Figure 1.6 Relationship Of Deceased Based On ChildTeen Participants for 2016

New Participant Statistics - 2016

Total family enquiries for service:
Total participant intakes: Families

Figure 1.7 Participant Intakes Per Year


Grief Resource and Training Statistics - 2016

Total community enquiries/consultations/telephone support:
Total grief education/training presentations
5 Presentations
259 Participants
        Appleby College (2), Church of Epiphany, Oakville Parent/Child Centre, St.Thomas Aquinas
Total persons served in 2016:
        Includes participants in support groups, telephone and in-person consultations and educational presentations


Service Delivery Volunteer Statistics - 2016

Total Active Volunteer Facilitators:
Total Volunteer Orientations:
Total Volunteer Facilitator Interviews:
Total Volunteer Facilitators Trained:
Total New Volunteer Facilitators Placed in Group:
Total Support Group Volunteer Service Hours:

Figure 2.1 Volunteer Facilitators Based On Location For 2016.