What we stand for

Families: powerful, precious, fragiletwo brothers

From the moment we’re born, our families shape us. Family is the place where trust first blossoms and is nurtured. Family is comfort. Family is home. But imagine what happens when a parent or sibling dies. How can life ever be the same?

It can’t.

This loss dramatically changes a child’s sense of self, sense of stability, and trust. Death’s powerful impact is felt in all families, no matter their social status, education level, or culture. Unsupported or unresolved grief can sometimes even dismantle families or overshadow a childhood long-term. Grief needs time, space and support.

Lighthouse offers just that.

Our Mission: A death in the family changes everything; at Lighthouse, you are not alone.

Our Vision: To enable and encourage a supportive community for grieving children and their families within Lighthouse, and beyond.

Since 1999, Lighthouse has been assisting children and their families at their most vulnerable. Lighthouse looks death in the eye, recognizes its impact, and gives healing time. That said, it’s a place more about beginnings than endings, more about celebration than sorrow, more about bright futures than dark days of the past.

The Lighthouse:  guiding families on their journey to healing.