What People Say About Us

"Listening to my children's laughter whenever we are here, is what warms up my heart and gives me peace and hope. At the same time the Lighthouse became a place for me where I feel safe." - Dad from Milton

Melissa, Alex and Rachael

It's impossible to adequately express the gratitude I feel for support we receive at Lighthouse.

Teenage sisters from Mississauga

The atmosphere of Lighthouse is one of comfort and welcome.


Your program gave her a place and a voice to be herself in grief.

Child aged 4

They are good people.

Mom from Oakville

Was like walking into a loving embrace.


The volcano room keeps my mind off my dad’s death


You can be as mad as you want.


My son has been able to gain an understanding...


You can really be yourself here

Clanmore Montessori School, Oakville

Lighthouse personnel gave us the information...

Oakville mom

Words cannot express the overwhelming gratitude I have for the staff and volunteers


it’s not all about talking about the person who has died.

Teacher from Mississauga

We are forever changed because of this experience.

Jo Fallon, Founder

Grief is hard work – exhausting, isolating, disorientating and overwhelming.

Jennifer Stothers, Board member of The Lighthouse

This experience taught me that we all need to be able to talk about illness and death – especially with our children.

Mrs Ivany, Teacher at Rotherglen

They feel safe which during this time period is of the upmost importance

Mom from Milton

 The boys were like brothers and this tragedy has shaken the world they live in.

P, mother of two

“After my husband's suicide, I had no idea how to explain to my 8 year old daughter what had happened. Lighthouse gave me the tools I needed to talk to her about it and help her deal with emotions and questions that arose.


"When I was six, my father passed away from cancer. The Lighthouse Program for grieving children was an inviting and comfortable place during the struggle.

Brad and Mitch

"Going to the Lighthouse made my brother and I feel safe. We liked discussing the loss of our Dad with other kids that understand what we are going through. We always left feeling better about ourselves because we were able to open up.


"The Lighthouse Program for Grieving Children helped my girls (then 6 and 4) feel like they weren't the only children in the world without a Dad. They were proud to tell people about Lighthouse and what it meant to them.

Cindy and Sarah

"After the loss of our father and husband and grandmother three weeks later, my daughter who was nine years old at the time and I were left devastated. We, through the help of a friend found our way to the Lighthouse group for grieving children.

P, mother of three

"I don’t have enough words to thank The Lighthouse for helping me and my 3 children through this difficult grieving period. As a parent who also lost a loved one it's hard to help my children.

Jonce, father of two

“The Lighthouse has helped my children in providing comfort to their souls when they need it the most. Listening to my children's laughter whenever we are there, is what warms up my heart and gives me peace and hope.