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Volunteers are the heart and soul of the Lighthouse. They generously give of their time and talent to make an important difference in the lives of children and youth coping with the loss of a family member. Our volunteers tell us they receive as much as they give from volunteering. We currently have over 90 dedicated people who help us accomplish our mission.

Most of our volunteers are facilitators in peer support groups. Some serve on committees or on our Board of Directors, others help with building and garden maintenance, fundraising and other events

Our volunteers have a variety of backgrounds and life experiences. They are teachers, social workers, business professionals and retirees. Many have experienced grief as children or adults. They are all caring individuals who understand the importance of providing support to grieving children, youth and their caregivers at a difficult time.

If you are such a person and would like to find out more about volunteering call us at 905-337-2333 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to learn more and attend one of our monthly volunteer information sessions.calendar iconPlease refer to our calendar for updates.

joe software
Joe has been a support group facilitator and fundraising event volunteer since March 2014.

“I first learned about Lighthouse when a classmate of our oldest son suffered a tragic loss. As we saw the great support Lighthouse offered the family through the difficult time, our school conducted fundraising activities for the organization. When my volunteering effort concluded at my son’s school, I read in the Oakville Beaver of the need for more facilitators. As a person who had experienced the loss of a parent at a young age, I felt the urge to volunteer. I have seen a sense of peace when participants are with us in groups. It is an extremely rewarding experience to be told how much the work we do is appreciated and impactful.”

erin teacher
Erin has been a facilitator in children’s support groups since 2013.

“I love working with children. Knowing that I had experienced grief, someone suggested that I look into volunteering at Lighthouse. Once I came to training, met the other volunteers and staff and heard their stories, I found we had so much in common, even though we were all different. That made me feel better. The children at Lighthouse are truly the most inspiring people I have ever met. The bravery, honesty, warmth, empathy and kindness they display while being so young, astonishes and inspires me. Lighthouse provides a sense of community at an otherwise isolating time. In every group, it is like a little family, where not only do we play, talk, laugh and share things, but where we are also able to trust, relate and support each other."

paul manager
Paul has been a parent support group facilitator for two years.

“I have been a lifelong volunteer, always involved in something or other. I was drawn to the Lighthouse after the death of my son, Patrick. Volunteering at the Lighthouse has allowed me to move forward with my grief while helping others to do the same. Lighthouse is aptly named, for it is a beacon of light in the darkness of grief. It is a place of safety, compassion and understanding. At a time when it could not be possible to feel more alone, Lighthouse is there to remind you that you are never alone.”