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The Lighthouse – a cozy and intimate place

boy arts and craft

The Lighthouse has the feel of a family home to make our children, youth and their families feel at ease and relaxed. It is a safe supportive place where people can build a community to deal with their grief in whichever way they choose. 

The experienced and compassionate Lighthouse facilitators, trained by our professional staff, help children work through the many emotions, anxiety and fear that accompany experiencing the death of a close family member. Children process their loss through age-appropriate activities, play and conversation; make healing connections with others their own age. In the midst of a major change that so often makes children feel out of control and powerless, at Lighthouse children develop a sense of safety and understanding.

Each room in The Lighthouse helps families along their healing journey. Lighthouse provides many places to chat, to play, to process…or just places to be. Be a child. Be with others who get it.

Pillow circle room: an intimate and quiet room for sharing and bonding.
Volcano room: padded walls and floors allow children to express grief physically and release emotions.
Arts & Crafts room: age appropriate arts activities to support children’s grief.
Play kitchen & dress up room: changes in family life can be expressed and explored as children play adult roles.
Adult and teen areas: private spaces for groups of people in similar circumstances provide the support and companionship many families lack elsewhere.

“It makes me feel good. It helps to leave my house for a while where all my memories are of my dad. The volcano room keeps my mind off my dad’s death.”
“When you go to the “Lighthouse” it’s not all about talking about the person who has died, it’s all about getting rid of the mad, sad, and worries inside of you.“

The Lighthouse has now moved into its new home at 2522 Rebecca – at the corner of Bronte Road and Rebecca Street – this will allow us to double the number of families we can help and still maintain the intimacy and closeness that makes Lighthouse a closely connected community

In addition, our new Lighthouse will also have:

Entire teen floor: Our teen groups are currently off-site; the new home will allow us to have everyone back under one roof
Hospital playroom: children play and work through the often-traumatic experiences of palliative wards and emergency rooms
Adult Space: for parents and other adults participating at the Lighthouse.
Family Kitchen: volunteers and families can eat after work/before group - also for functions, parties, teen activities
Library: adults and teens can browse the collection of topical books, DVDs, and other resources

Our vision for the future is to share our valuable 17-year knowledge of working daily with bereaved children and families, so that other organizations beyond our reach can adapt our unique model of grief support to the needs of their community. We plan to offer training workshops for community groups in other parts of Ontario or Canada enabling us to share our expertise with other communities.