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Grief in the wake of the death of a family member can be a difficult time of change and uncertainty for children and their families. Often isolating, grief needs time, space and connections to others so children and families can begin rebuilding their lives. The Lighthouse is such a place, such a community.

We offer facilitated peer support groups to help children, teens and their families after a death in their family. At The Lighthouse, families find and create a community of understanding, stability and support during this difficult time. Our groups are ongoing and open-ended allowing each family member to participate in his or her own way.

"After our dad died, going to Lighthouse and being able to share our story with other kids who had lost someone significant in their lives made us feel less isolated in our grief. The people we met there understood our pain and had a genuine interest in helping us through our journey. In our everyday lives, nobody could identify with what we were going through but at Lighthouse, we felt safe and supported talking about our dad and in turn were able to provide support and empathy through listening to the stories of loss from other kids. The activities made it easy to open up and at the end of each group we felt a little lighter and optimistic moving forward. "

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Bereavement Support Groups

Any child or youth who has experienced the death of a family member can join a group. Parents and guardians are welcome to attend the adult peer support groups that meet at the same time as the children’s groups. For more information on how to join a group view the page.
Bereavement Support Groups.