What we do

The Lighthouse is a safe place - where grieving children, youth and families support each other as they move through their grief journey.


The Lighthouse Approach: providing respect, time and space.lighthousemainimage

Grief is a natural reaction to the loss of a loved one, but in our busy world, we often find it difficult to acknowledge grief and struggle to give those mourning time to heal. The Lighthouse is a place to reflect, recover, and re-adjust. If handled with caring and support, the death of a loved one can become a process of growth.

The duration and intensity of grief are unique for each individual – many people, mourning a close death, feel lonely and isolated. When they are with their peers, who have also experienced the death of a family member, children and youth can explore their difficult feelings and thoughts, developing healthier forms of expressing their grief. All of our participants are mourning a life-altering death and are learning to come to terms with a much changed family life.

At The Lighthouse we respect each other as unique individuals with different needs on a similar journey and we support each person according to their needs.