A Strategic approach to Charitable Giving

Are you like Tim Cestnick? He writes:

“If you're like many Canadians, you probably also take an interest in giving back to the community around you, and the world at large. Most people, however, think about charitable giving near the end of each calendar year, as the deadline approaches for obtaining tax relief for donations in the year. It's too bad that we all scramble in December to make our donation decisions. The fact is, a strategic investment approach to giving can lead to more meaningful giving. Let me explain.
There's a difference between charitable giving and strategic philanthropy. Charitable giving is short-term, and ad hoc. It's what you do when certain charities come knocking at your door once each year and you open your chequebook, or pull some bills out of your pocket, to make a modest contribution.
Strategic philanthropy is longer-term in nature and is planned ahead of time. It involves thinking about what is most important to you and why you are choosing to give. When you understand your passions, and why you want to give, it becomes easy to answer other questions, such as: Who should I donate to? Should I donate cash, securities, or other assets? Should I donate personally, or through my corporation, family trust or foundation? Should I donate today, or upon my death or both? Should I donate with recognition or anonymously? Should I donate time as well as money to the causes I care about?
In charitable giving, these questions are not given much consideration."

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