The Lighthouse Program For Grieving Children (The Lighthouse)

Complaints Policy Statement
For The Lighthouse to ensure that all complaints are acknowledged and resolved in a timely and effective manner. 


The Lighthouse has a responsibility to provide a fair complaints procedure that is clear and easy to use for anyone wishing to make a complaint. It must ensure that the complaints policy is published on its website and that people know how to communicate a complaint.

The Lighthouse will ensure that any complaints (see definition below are addressed in a timely manner. Lighthouse will aim to resolve the matter fairly and with the intent to repair the relationships to the best of its ability. This policy documents a process to ensure all complaints are recorded for tracking purposes and best practice.

Definition of a Complaint

  • A complaint is any expression of dissatisfaction, whether justified or not, about any aspect of The Lighthouse, such as, processes, program delivery, communication, donor management, or any other of its activities
  • Complaints may come from any member of the public who has/had any interaction with the Lighthouse as donor, participant, volunteer, partner, or any other capacity
  • Complaints may also come from any staff member or contracted service provider
  • All complaint information will be handled sensitively, telling only those who need to know, and following any relevant data protection requirements.


Overall responsibility for this policy and its implementation lies with the Executive Director, who has a reporting duty to the Board of Directors.


A complaint should be submitted to the

  • Executive Director (ED) either verbally, by phone, by email, or in writing.
  • All complaints will be acknowledged as soon as possible, no later than within 7 days of receipt.
  • The ED will report the complaint within 48 hours to the HR/Governance Committee of the board, where appropriate steps to address the complaint will be discussed.
  • The ED will work with the complainant and any affected staff/volunteers/committees to resolve the matter, in consultation with the HR/Governance Committee.
  • Should the complaint involve the conduct of the ED, the complaint should be addressed to the Chair of the Board, who will present the matter to the HR/Governance Committee.

Documenting the Complaint

To make a complaint, please contact:

Deirdre Thomas (Acting Executive Director)
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Business Phone (905) 337-2333
Cell (289 772 8917
June Cockwell (Board Chair)
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Cell (905) 464-0785

The Lighthouse will keep a record of any complaint received on a Complaints Tracking Spreadsheet. This will allow The Lighthouse to identify any common/recurring complaints. An annual summary of complaints must be presented to the Lighthouse Board of Directors including the following information:

  1. Nature of the complaint
  2. How it was resolved
  3. Date received and resolved

A link to our complaints policy can be found under the “Contact Us’ heading.

Date of Approval: September 18, 2017